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Other Worktop Materials

Don't forget we can also provide matching doors and free-standing furniture to your specification.


Solid Wood Worktops

Nothing feels like real wood. Whereas synthetic materials eventually start to look their age, with time, natural wood adds character. Properly finished, a solid wood worktop will be a pleasure to use, resisting heat and easy to keep clean and hygienic. Because the material is the same the whole way through, it can be made available in just about any shape or contour and you can have grooves or holes cut that will look as beautiful as the rest of the worktop.

We design our kitchens to use the best solid wood worktops, crafted from solid timber - not machine-bonded strips, which are supplied to order from ecologically-grown forests. Choose from Maple, Beech-wood, English Oak or Iroko (African Teak).


(Chlorophora Excelsa)
This looks very much like a Teak wood, but is from sustainable forests. Its natural oils give a good resistance to staining, making it a favourite in kitchens and even laboratories over the decades.
  (Quercus Robur)
This continues to be the most popular hardwood used in Great Britain. The rich colour and striking grain mature over the years to give an oak kitchen an unparalleled character.
A more contemporary feel due to its lighter colour and finer grain. Very good as a chopping and working surface, which is why you find so many chopping boards and utensils made from Maple.
(Fagus Sylvatica)
A nice colour and good grain pattern with a hard-wearing surface. A versatile wood which is easy to sculpt.

The edging of the worktop can be carved to any practical shape, but here are some of the favourites...
Pencil round