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Features on Modern Hobs

Gas Burners

Automatic ignition, simply by turning the gas knob. Auto-reignition if the flame is blown out. Burners are precisely calibrated to maintain performance over a wide range from low simmer to fast boil - with quick responses.


Fast response, like gas, but much easier to clean. Highly visible when on, which is much safer than traditional electric plates.

Cast Iron Plates

A traditional electric hob which still offer efficiency and heat up much more quickly than older models.

Radiant Hobs

Fast response times and easy to clean ceramic surface.




Kitchen ovens

There are numerous ways to cook in your kitchen, from the traditional range, to modern combination systems with heat, microwave and steam cooking.

The choice of gas or electric is often down to a personal preference but, of course, may be governed by availability of power. Ovens are now computer designed to maximise heat consistency, visibility, styling and ease of cleaning.

Planet Kitchens can fit gas and electric hobs, ovens, grills, microwaves and cooker hoods in numerous styles and colours.



Features on modern ovens...


Doors and external side panels are designed to keep to safe temperatures of 60° or below.

Fan Cooking

Even temperature distribution due to the fan circulating hot air round the oven. Makes for successful batch baking as every shelf cooks to the same degree. Saves energy and time.

Fan Defrost

Circulates air inside the oven without heat, defrosting freezer food or cooling cakes and pies.

Fan Grilling

Cooks both sides of grilled foods such as bacon and seals joints of meat without using the full oven power.

Variable Grills

Featuring economical half-width settings.

Radiant Heat

The traditional heat distribution of high temperatures at the top, lower at the bottom for cooking different foods at the same time.

Base Heat

A separate base heating element, perfect for pizzas and pastries without drying the topping or filling.

Steam Oven

Cooks food very gently without making them tough or dry. Often seen as a modern alternative, maintaining the foods' nutrition, taste and aroma.

Gas Cooking

Maintains a moist atmosphere which many cooks say is ideal for roasting and baking.

Large Windows

You can clearly see the oven contents through clear windows which are twice as big as those of a few years ago.