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The worktop we include in your new kitchen is very important; providing one of the first things visitors see, a hard-wearing, long-lasting finish to withstand many years of use, and the complement to the total kitchen design. The worktops we fit to our kitchens are available in a number of materials, thicknesses and finishes to suit practically all designs.

Kitchen worktop


Typical kitchen worktop finishes include...

Solid Wood

corian kitchen worktops

Corian is a man-made material developed by Du Pont and is a special formulation of natural minerals and high-performance acrylic. Whatever the shape of your kitchen, Corian (and some similar branded materials) allow your worktop to fit exactly, with no joins or crevices, resulting in a hygienic, easy to use work-surface more beautiful than you would have imagined possible.

  granite kitchen worktops

Solid granite kitchen worktops offer, perhaps, the most durable and long-lasting surface available. Templated, shaped and polished to the exact specification at the factory, the worktop can include provision for undermounted bowls and drainer grooves cut into the material.

  tiled kitchen worktops

Tiled kitchen worktops are easily cleaned-down and the hard ceramic surface can be kept quite hygienic. Unlike most other worktops, should an area become damaged, individual tiles can be replaced at minimal cost.

  laminate kitchen worktops

Laminated kitchen worktops are made to suit virtually any style imaginable. They can be styled on a natural wood, marble or granite appearance, or a smooth or glossy contemporary colour. As part of the kitchen design, we can include materials in a number of thicknesses and edge finishes (edges can be the same material or a contrasting material/colour).

The worktop is manufactured for us from high-density particle board which is sealed against moisture damage and laminated with the pattern and a tough protective overlay at high temperature and pressure.

  metal kitchen worktops

Metal, aluminium or stainless steel kitchen worktops are modern-looking and functional and give the feel of a professional chef's kitchen. While they are tough and long-lasting, they can be easily marked or dented by day-to-day use. As with metal appliances, cleaning can be a chore.

wooden kitchen worktops

Nothing feels like real wood. Whereas synthetic materials eventually start to look their age, with time, natural wood adds character. Properly finished, a solid wood worktop will be a pleasure to use, resisting heat and easy to keep clean and hygienic. Because the material is the same the whole way through, it can be made available in just about any shape or contour and you can have grooves or holes cut that will look as beautiful as the rest of the worktop.



(Chlorophora Excelsa)

Iroko wood

This looks very much like a Teak wood, but is from sustainable forests. Its natural oils give a good resistance to staining, making it a favourite in kitchens and even laboratories over the decades.


(Quercus Robur)

Oak wood

This continues to be the most popular hardwood used in Great Britain. The rich colour and striking grain mature over the years to give an oak kitchen an unparalleled character.



Maple wood

A more contemporary feel due to its lighter colour and finer grain. Very good as a chopping and working surface, which is why you find so many chopping boards and utensils made from Maple.


(Fagus Sylvatica)

Beech wood

A nice colour and good grain pattern with a hard-wearing surface. A versatile wood which is easy to sculpt.

The edging of the worktop can be carved to any practical shape, but here are some of the favourites...

Bull-nosed moulding Pencil round moulding Chamfered moulding Ovolo moulding Cavetto moulding Cyma  moulding


Pencil round