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Use these links to look at some of the style and colour options for kitchen unit and door finishes.

Wooden Finishes
Painted Finishes
Man-Made Finishes

And, of course, we'll help you consider the look of any of these within your overall kitchen design.

For details of typical sizes available, click here.

Kitchen furniture

Kitchen Furniture Styles

There is an infinite choice of designs and styles of kitchen to choose from and Planet Kitchens will guide you through all the options. We can help you choose between 'sit-on' externally-hinges doors or inset frame types, different finishes, solid and glass fronts.

The following photos show some recently finished kitchens...

kitchen design kitchen design
kitchen design kitchen design

There are a number of common words used in describing doors and panels for kitchen units; here are a few...



Top Hat


Square Panel

Twin Panel


Cross Bar

Gothic Shaker Top hat Cathedral Square panel Twin panel T-Bar Cross bar