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We will help you choose between fluorescent (including 2D), incandescent ('ordinary' bulbs) or halogen spot-lighting. Each has its own features and advantages.

halogen downlight

halogen downlight

halogen downlight

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen Lighting

You might want a stylish look to your kitchen when you are entertaining friends, but need good levels of lighting when working. We can help bring out the best in your kitchen with sympathetic and effective lighting.

We can install new ceiling, wall, spot and cupboard lamps while fitting the kitchen, causing minimum disruption.

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Fluorescent lighting gives a good all-round light level and is cheap to install and run. The old problems of flicker are overcome by new electronic starters and high-frequency ballasts.

Incandescent bulbs, if used within a stylish shade, offer low cost overall lighting or localised high-lighting.

The recent popularity of Halogens has brought prices down and increased available designs. They are suitable for downlights or local spots and have pleasing colour temperature and high intensity over short distances.

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