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When you are ready to contact us, you have several options. In the UK, you can call our 'phone number (0800 328867) and speak to Mark or Suzanne. We are based in Bicester, Oxfordshire and cover a wide area - we've just finished a kitchen design in France!

Alternatively, you can email us:

The easiest way may be to click the 'contact' button on any page where you can fill in your details and your query and just press the 'submit' button - easy as that!

All three options are on every page, so you can't forget.



This web-site is designed to help you decide that Planet Kitchens is the best supplier of quality kitchens in your area!

We've split up the site into easily-managed chunks:


What we can do, what information we will need from you, how we do the design.


The units and cupboards, kitchen islands, materials, colours and finishes.


Cookers, washing Machines and Fridges from leading suppliers.


All the little things that make the kitchen special - and not so little things like floors, lighting, sinks etc.


Confirmation of our skills and experience - we offer a complete 'Design and Build' service.

Each of these can be reached from any page by using the button array, top left. At any time, you can click the 'Home' button, top left, to return to the home page.